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Demystifying Cast Iron: Heat and the Polymerization of Oil

I have to admit, there are a million articles on the internet about seasoning cast iron, and I really don't feel like going in depth on yet another "how to season a cast iron pan" piece. I'm writing this because

Expense Report

It's been a while since I really looked at my expenses, so I sat down today and opened up my expense report. It was surprising, and also kind of interesting, so I figured I'd share it.

Note: The

The Soft Whoosh of a Plane Crashing Gently

The wheat rolls for years off toward the mountains in the north and the blue-purple sky to the east and the exuberant and still rays of orange to the west. The evening sunlight sparkles in slow motion through gold-dust air

How I Manage My Digital Life

Managing personal documents, photos, music, videos, passwords, lists, notes, etc, has always been a fascinating challenge to me. It got deeper when I started to use multiple devices, including computers running different operating systems and even multiple smartphones. Add to

Bosses, Best and Worst

One of my best friends told me several years ago, "I'd rather fill an average position with a great boss than a great position with an average boss." I had had very few bosses when she told me this, so